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Anonymous requested: Infant Dumbo

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Hubby Oliver Queen and his The-Shit-Has-Hit-The-Fan face against the sassy wifey Felicity Smoak.

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Heavy words are hard to take,
Under pressure precious things can break,
And how we feel is hard to fake,
So let’s not give the game away

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what? no. i’m just used to being your girl. i mean, not your girl, girl. your girl. i know it sounds like the same word, but it means something different in my head.
hey.  you  will  a l w a y s  be  m y  g i r l,  felicity.
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A writer only begins a book. A reader finishes it.” - Samuel Johnson 

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It’s the Mambo No. 5!!!


A little bit of Charming in my life


A little bit of Jefferson by my side


A little bit of Phillip is all I need


A little bit of Graham is what I see


A little bit of August in the sun


A little bit of Killian all night long


A little bit of Robin here I am


A little bit of you makes me your woman!

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